a pot shot, frankie, et al

A couple of days ago i came across a book written by Frankie Boyle.  As the title -although clear and funnily strange- did not sound tempting enough, i have to admit i didn’t read it.


Indeed, the first two commands i’ve carried out for years and years, both luckily not too hard to accomplish.  Work was eventually given up, but -believe you me- consuming is extremely difficult to unlearn.                                                                                    About the third assignment  i have no knowledge. Haven’t managed to fullfill, but it has been happening around me quite a few times.

Before i finally, like all of us, will get to that last stage, i think there’s lots and lots more to experience than only work and consume.

         listen to music,                       make plans,                               tell stories,           

                             smell flowers,                                   be amazed,

               hear waves,                         kiss lips,                                              share thoughts,

grab chances,                 go places,              hum tunes,             build dreams,           make love,

         write words,                             keep secrets,                                           do things,

                    shake hands,                                talk nonsense,         read books,

    give comfort,                  watch people,                       touch cheeks,               walk beaches,

     throw glances,                                          grow old

Examples were not hard to come by and i’d be more than willing to add any suggestions, propositions, ideas or musings  (ehm yes, knock yourself out, there’s a reply button somewhere)

footnote: i’ll get the loan of mentioned book sooner or later

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