[16/12/10] When I’m a bit more settled in amostlikeableplace there might be something “about”. For now I’m only hanging around and trying to “find out about”.

[29/06/11] Roughly half a year on the blogging side of nowhere and still nothing much to tell ‘about’.

Okay, i wanted to be storyteller, guide, fluteplayer, advisor, stand up comedian, nanny, mentor, actor, intermediate, writer, coach, judge, friend, poet, supervisor, liar, critic, entertainer, manager, singer, commentator, inventor, pal, tutor, time consumer, artist, grumbler, organiser, etc.etc. So i became a teacher and ended up a dreamer.

I’d better not say….

that i wasn’t always interested in photography,  that i didn’t -as a child- follow my heits photographic adventures nor my mems writing skills,  that i did not receive my first camera at the age of whatever,

                                                                                                  ….’cause now i wish i had


There were  many good intentions until the world turned upside down last November, when suddenly the spirit left the real most likeable place. Here‘s a promise though, i will keep trying, but i’m still so very lost.


Did some cleaning up in amostlikeableplace, i.e. in the “tour” and the “tourdetour”. This was supposed to get me back on track. Let’s just wait and see whether foto-mojo is ready to come back.

5 thoughts on “abitabout

  1. Adrian

    So you became a teacher – and helped others become storytellers, guides, fluteplayers, advisors ……… and you still managed to end up a dreamer – not a bad result.

    As for coming late to photography, writing, self expression – you have a whole lifetime of experience to express – wallow in it!

    I find your “stories” that go with your photography a delightful extension of and integral part of them. Thanks for sharing with us




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