There are quite a few places not too far from amostlikeableplace worth visiting. I’d like to take you on a tour, but before that you should know about one special place, where -on an April-day a while ago- time decided to stand still. I love to go there, because there is so much beauty to view, so many decisive moments from a life well spent. Go on, start with a visit to Danny’s Valentia. Coming from there I could advise you the following reconnoitering expedition or treasure hunt, whatever you like best.

When you’re Living for Light you could take some time off and roam out to the Galloping Green .
In a few EyeBlinks you notice people, like David for instance, watching you and you realise they’re All Seeing Me.
Don’t worry, that’s what it’s all about, youknowwhenyou‘re on the right track, lucky enough to get at least some good stuff hotofthememorycard .

Continue wandering and wondering,  -don’t forget to bring along your Camera Obsessa–  enjoying the beauty of everyday life with Nattering Eyes along the road to a City of Blackbirds.

You may stroll through a glassey alley where there’s even a chance you come across a LaughingLion or bump into Tommie again. And even if you’re not aware of the void, you can sit down half a dream away from the moment you can say: IHasTakePhoto,  yesicapturedit.
So, you grab yourself an iced coffee and relax, have a chat with magnumlady or start reminiscing some quoted moments.



23 thoughts on “tour

  1. aafke Post author

    The way the blog goes at the moment, i’ll be writing a new itinerary soon enough. Thanks and please give me a shout for any improvement, be it snaps or snippets.


  2. Denis

    Great post – very clever. Some blogs there that I hadn’t stumbled across before – I’ll be updating my feed readers this afternoon.



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