a maze

You know these mazes, the ones where you feel you have to prove yourself? Where buxus hedges reach high overhead, where walls feel damp, where the path is dark.  You push the little voices in your head back as far as you can as you are not going to be intimidated  by your own fears. A few steps is all it takes to cut you off from the outside world.

Once in there sounds seem muffled or there may not even sounds at all. Maybe you hear your own heartbeat, maybe you look up to acknowledge the sky is still there or maybe you already wonder if you will take the right turn to get to the centre.

Of course you keep going, sure you’re not a coward…or are you? While you take bend after bend, round corner after corner and stand still for moments to listen intently, you know you’re in a bolthole and yet you want to find the exit.  In the meantime you are feeling your way around, listen to your footsteps on the gravel and control your breathing.

You will find your way out. You must. You have to. And if you don’t, someone will surely go looking for you, someone will surely find you. Eventually someone will…..