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homesick is…

homesick is

– hearing the wind in the wrong trees

– listening to the wrong birds

– seeing catkins in the wrong willows

– finding letters in the wrong mailbox

– driving on the wrong side of the road

– watching the sunset from the wrong window

– being in the wrong place altogether


snippet and slice and birthday surprise

cake 1 There’s an English proverb that says you can’t have your cake and eat it. Well, i tell you something: you can! You can have your cake, eat your heart out, stuff your face, have your fill, lick your plate and still not know what to do with the rest.

Normally, the best part of a cake is what you’re eating and tasting, this time the best part is not being involved in baking nor preparation. Some family and friends thought this birthday should be celebrated and -in hindsight- i gladly admit it was the best thing happening this year. candled cake

 To  keep this a snippet, i’ll better write point by point. Guests first:

1 American,

1 Czech,

2 Dutch,

1 French,

1 German,

5 Irish,

1 Spanish

This unexpected company filled my hut with all kinds of everything:  banners,   noise,   love,   champagne,   presents,   cakes,   laughter,   madness,   candles,   bunting,   hugs,   food,   balloons,   happiness,   surprises,   drink,   friendship,   jokes,   life,   cream,   nibbles,   wishes and stories.   many candles make one big light

All of this shared by each and everyone and when the day was over there was plenty left on my plate and on the kitchen worktop.





p.s. As you can see I proved the English language wrong. You can eat your cake and have it. Surprisingly it is here: for sharing, for a snippet, for a slice.

a sound snippet

It’s been quiet in a most likeable place.

Most of the time hiding was the only thing left. Safely behind walls of greens. There are more greens than you could even imagine. They were here, even when i couldn’t see them. And now that i can, they are vanishing. Turning to other colours, likeable and dislikeable colours. Ending in no colour at all.

What’s left are sounds. Birds. Distant dogs. Hungry hens. And this:

my wind chime, inspired by Beethoven’s famous Opus 27 #2 “Moonlight Sonata”. it’s a brilliant 8-note 2 1/2 octave tubular chime in C# minor, which includes 8 tubular chimes: G#, C#, E, G#, C#, E, G#, C#
[one from jwstannard’s wind chime collection]

There’s a touch of wind in a most likeable place.