snap-snippet’s words….

Put random words in random order and they make no sense:

jacket, courtain, wet, zips, fragrance, leather, vacuum, uniform, floor, skirt, air, sewing, caution, restyle, up, rips, toilets, short…

Put them in alphabetical order and there’s still head nor tail:

air, caution, courtain, floor, fragrance, jacket, leather, restyle, rips, sewing, short…, skirt, toilets, uniform, up, vacuum, wet, zips

Put them in capitals as that’s how they are supposed to be.

See if you can find some coherence from the AIR to the WET FLOOR.

Not to worry if you don’t manage, all were framed in a snap*

*to be shown later

p.s. there’s no typo nor a hidden hint

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