March 17th, from a distance…..

Blogs, vlogs and podcasts are full of “This time last year. . . .” Another meme that pops up regularly is “How it started” vs “How it’s going”. Obviously we have to be informed and reminded of things that began changing people’s lives roughly a year ago.

Don’t we all know only too well about this time last year, how it started and how it’s going? We all know there was too much coffee, too many biscuits, too many nibbles, too much cake. I won’t even mention the beers, wines and whiskeys. We also know there were not enough work-outs, too few bike-rides, too little exercise. After all these months, weeks and days we certainly we don’t want to constantly watch the scales to check how much weight we gained.

In the few happy months that i managed to safely spend in that remote sanctuary that i call my most likeable place, i stuffed myself with ‘stuff’, all kinds of stuff, healthy and unhealthy. After nibbling away from a big bowl of pretzels, it seemed fun to keep a few hearty ones for this year’s Saint Patrick’s Day. I don’t know if they’d still be edible, but i may have them tonight , as there is no other knick-knackery to be found here. The jars are empty and -on another note- i don’t like scales dictating my life.

p.s. Have a happy St.Patrick’s Day and if you want : Eat your heart out !

2 thoughts on “March 17th, from a distance…..

  1. David

    Trying to keep my steps up to an average of 5,000 a day, trying to stop buying books, drawing or painting as well as taking lots of photographs, and holding to one beer a day plus one for lunch on the weekends 📆. I guess that’s what a year looks like 😏

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  2. aafke Post author

    Aye, i started with 10.000 steps a day, down to 6000 now (although, when the weather is okay, i could end up with more). Noticed the converting works you’ve been doing on your slides from Puglia, that’s an impressive job in its own right. Stay healthy and safe and have a beer for St.Patrick’s Day. ☘️



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