ode to an author, ode to mem


One needs an opportunity and possibly a good portion of inspiration to make snippets. Maybe due to shortage of opportunities and/or lack of inspiration, perhaps even due to reasons not to be mentioned, adjustments were made and written words were postponed.  Yet……
Before the year 2017 is over, one thing needs a snippet plus a few added snaps.

In 2018 Leeuwarden, a town in the province of Friesland (NL), will be European Capital of Culture, which is a big thing for a not too big town.

Both my parents, Heit and Mem as we called them in the Frisian language, were born and raised in Leeuwarden.  Yes, it was Heits violin being sound again and yes, it was Mem being mentioned on several occasions in amostlikeableplace.
Well, perfectly timed before 2018, which also happens to be European Year of Cultural Heritage, my Mem was honoured with a plaque on the gable of the house where she grew up.                             



My grandparents owned a cheese and grocery shop at this address and, as often in those days, the family lived upstairs.  Somewhere in somebody’s archives must be a photo of the house how it looked in Mems childhood days, the shop-window covering half of the groundfloor gable with the name of the proprietor in large Jugendstil font across.  After more than a century changing owners and purposes it’s not surprising there’s not much left of the original features. Fortunately the last renovations left space beside the frontdoor for a commemorative plaque.

Sure it doesn’t make sense to show snaps of all the (press-)people that crowded the Nieuweburen who made traffic stop and drivers angrily blow their horn.
It does make sense though to make an exemption for two of the attendees.  The first one being the five year old girl* who, no surprise here, carries the same name as my Mem and who unveiled the plaque.  The second one being the ninety-seven year old lady, Mems sister and last living sibling.










* Apologies,  i don’t know if you are familiar with all the names, terms and qualifications for relatives, but i have to confess i had to find out how this little Dieuwke Winsemius is related to my Mem. Lifehacker.com explains relationships in chart form, so i finally learned what ‘1st cousin twice removed’ implies. Pfff, i don’t think i’ll remember that, but at least i’ve a reference now.

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