April 3rd, 2013

How strange. Exactly on this day, despite cold winds and pale blue skies, some sunshine peeks into a most likeable place.
No, no, not this virtual one here, the reallife one that exists in the realtime world.
It’s a most likeable place where robins fight over territories, where a  pair of pheasants found shelter to be ‘so happy together’, where wind shakes the willows and today hundreds of daffodils make faces at the sun.

So, what is one going to do with a day that used to be ‘different’ from other days in general and hence wants to be remembered?
Throw another log on the fire and add a few turf? Make one more pot of coffee and stare out of the window?
Pretend a few thoughts written here might do the trick to find the answer?
Well, maybe yes, maybe no.

Over the Easter-weekend i went for a wee walkabout between the willows. I spent some time sitting in the old red LaRoDef and burned a candle through the night. It seems doing simple things like that make a bit of the loneliness go away, albeit only for a couple of days.

If you could hear the chimes beside the hut and see the bamboo bending in the wind, right here and now, i think you’d agree.

I will go inside now, heap some logs on the fire and have one more coffee before i go.
Writing down some thoughts did give an answer. I know what i’m going to do with this day. In case you want to know, just ask.

tuintulpje p.s. besides the hundreds of daffodils, there’s a beautiful bunch of orange tulips in a vase inside and some tiny red ones on groundlevel outside….. have a nice day!

3 thoughts on “wednesday

  1. Paul

    mmm, lost in thoughts when I read your post,

    Touching words, words to reflect by, of that light that shines, into colour of a red tulip.



  2. Katerina

    “a day that used to be ‘different’ from other days”….
    This morning I was thinking of the times we got lost in the labyrinth of H.I.Amb. on this day…
    Too proud to call to ask for directions… Always late…
    Thank you for letting us take a peek in your thoughts, for letting me see what you’re observing… the robins, the pheasants the willows and the tulips … and the other things, the things between the words
    I’d like to know; ask here? somewhere else?
    Thinking of you



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