#141111 – #141112

this post is for all the friends who

* put up with me in the past year

* got me involved

* watched the sunset with me

* made me laugh

* waved from a train while passing by

* pulled me through

* walked with me

* surprised me

* kept me company

* tweet’ed, dm’ed, post’ed, interact’ed

* warmed me

* brought me on trips

* understood

* shared time with me

* sent mail, presents, emails, texts, cards

* kept me awake until the early hours of a next day

* organised photowalks

* made my days

* showed me museums

* healed my pain

* gathered stones with me

* kept me going

* sang with me at a campfire

* wandered over hills with me

* fed me

* offered a shoulder

* made life bearable again

* listened

* invited me into their lives

* left me all by myself

* kept being thoughtful

* called me on landline or mobile

* invented holidays for me

* welcomed me home

* taught me a thing or two

* made me cry

* showed me new places

* caught fallen stars for me

* encouraged me to swim in the ocean

* came to visit

* introduced me to new faces

* got me (nearly) drunk

* dragged me around east and west

* told me to hang on

* whispered to me in galleries

* filled in empty space

* dried my tears

* traced my footprints in the sand

* kept me company

* opened up a new world to me

* lent helping hands in a most likeable place

* convinced me of continuing amostlikeableplace

many of these friends took shots of nics message-in-a-bottle. their pics can be found on twitter, instagram, fb, blogs, pix.ie, yfrog etc.

10 thoughts on “#141111 – #141112

  1. Tommie and Mary

    Our thoughts are with you Aafke … and…. we hope to do most of the above with you next year too. xxx


    1. aafke Post author

      already thanked you for comment … and …support ( i like the cleanness of thiswordpress theme, but i hate the fat blackblack line when i reply to a comment)


      1. katz

        Yes. Sorry I’m so late with responding. It’s partly because of my hand (rsi/ontsteking) and partly because I still can’t find the right words…


  2. paul alting van geusau

    Hi Aafke, images of you and of Nico with beaming smiles and laughing good times are so etched into my memories, the memories I fondly recall from time to time knowing they will stay with me, and I smile.

    Warmest of hugs to you Aafke.




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