today is tomorrow

Sure you know how it goes. Lots of plans to do this, to arrange that and to get things sorted. But you postpone and shift, cause the days seem endless, there’s always plenty of time to do those things ‘tomorrow’. That is what people do, what i do anyway, temporize and give yourself loads of stolen moments, because that is a feel-good feeling and feel-good feelings make you smile and ,yes indeed, feel good.

But then -all of a sudden- tomorrow becomes today, which means the day after tomorrow is getting kind of synonymous to tomorrow. The feel good situation is overruled by a panic mode, you come to a complete standstill or worse, you freeze.

Just now, this very moment i haven’t a clue what to do first and what next. The floor is only half washed, the garden is only part weeded and the place isn’t ready for the guests to arrive. Yet i went to the bedroom and took a book from my suitcase.  I took off the ribbon and the wrapping paper as it’s a new book, a birthday present for my mem (yep, that’s why it was already in the suitcase) and stole myself some quoted moments.

Today is today is tomorrow which also incorporates a tiny touch of the day after tomorrow, when same book, compiled by Joanne Maloney with all proceeds going to the Irish Cancer Society, will be officially launched although it is already for sale on different locations.

So, i’ll get back weeding the garden, cleaning the floor, getting things ready for expected guests and just wait what will happen the day after tomorrow.

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