Those of you who remember my 365 project, might also remember the throw-away-with-the-rubbish-doll that was in desperate need of clean nappies.

As intended i went back down the lane to rescue it from the gutter and found out it was in an allover desperate state. Apart from the dirt and muck that stuck to its skin, it was damaged, mutulated, forever handicapped and tarnished. Yet it was brought home,  steeped in biotex for a few nights and got to tumble in the washing machine -which i suppose must have been great fun-. Since then it sat outside on a tiny stool on the deck…. naked. As there are no kids clothes in this place for a good few years now, it sat there quite a while, waiting for a onesie or at least a nappy.

Hurray, it finally got dressed the other day,

so i’d like to introduce to you this halfblind findling.

.… absolutely happy in a most likeable place, but available for any sick child

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