…. for the day that’s in it

There’s this typical expression that makes me smile every time i hear somebody mention it:
“for the day that’s in it”, which always means today
It sounds like an excuse to get a stamp-pad and a stamp and  BANG !, there you go, the day is labeled to ones own desire.
Nobody would ever dare asking what actually is in the day, because there might be something completely different in it for you than there would be in it for me.

With a bit of imagination i can enumerate things that are in this day for you.
* Dullness -there’s not enough light-
* Longing -for a meeting to be over-
* Happiness -smiling back at a marvellous journey-
* Excitement -you got to get things done in time-
* Loneliness -missing someone dear-
* Pride -you mastered a tricky technique-
Pleasure-having a cup of coffee with a friend-
* Anticipation -in a couple of days you’ll be where you want to be-
and you can find other labels for the day that’s in it, because i can not mention them all.

Further? Ah yes, a shortlink and one extra, just for the day that’s in it.
that is.

[of course you are allowed, advised even, to browse around until Porchfield is accessible again]

4 thoughts on “snippet….

  1. Tony

    What a beautiful day…. beautiful summer sunshine … happy TOTD’S .. precious shortlinks and one extra….. visiting a mostlikeableplace one can visit….. today is also for thinking of tomorrow when togs will walk… I can’t be there, wish I could…. can’t stop me thinking of you on a very special day when we will remember a great man, Danny.
    God Bless….


  2. yarglags

    I never met Danny but I did wonder who the crazy guy in the stocks was at the photowalk in Trim last year.
    We had exchanged comments on and thanks on I discovered more of his work after he was gone and see that I really missed out.



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