Today’s a day for a snippet.

Ten days without a new pic do ask for an explanation and at least a new picture, but there are other things on my mind and i might as well share a snippet with you: My Mem moved house last week.

Sure, what’s the problem there, you will surely say. Thousands and thousands of people move everywhere every day all over the world, no big deal. I agree, you are right. All of them have their own reasons, their own problems and their own dreams to follow. You got a point there too.
So maybe Mem’s case is just one of those day-to-day moves, or maybe it is just that wee bit different.
She’s old, you know, real old. Born in the second decade of the last century. And this time you must agree with me: she’s old, or not?

So here’s what happened:
The Friday before Xmas it was decided she needed to move.
It wasn’t her who took that decision, “they” did.
They convinced her, they picked the place where to go, they knew what was best for her, they…..

A few days after Xmas everything was arranged and organised: she was to move from home sweet home (a) to a brandnew apartment (b). From the open space with trees, fields and meadows (a) to the confinement of brick, steel and concrete (b). I won’t even  mention the long time friends, the next-door neighbours and the regular visitors who had to be left behind in a.

Getting down to business for simple facts:

* within three weeks the apartment was painted, wallpapered and furnished

* the contents of home sweet home were brought from a to b

* the rented Ka in which she was driven from a to b was returned yesterday afternoon.

* a new live has begun.

* alea iacta est

p.s.1 the driver of the rented car cannot be reached for comment on the new situation
p.s.2 the photographer who documented the move is working under stress to compile an accurate report for the records

7 thoughts on “moving

  1. David Ferrie

    It must have been a difficult transition/move for you and Mem. My Mem and Dad are not as old as your Mem, and sometimes I do think that changes they make are harder for the children than the parents, perhaps with age they value memories more than the physical locations where the memories where made. I hope that the move works well for your Mem and that you can always keep the memories of her old home in your heart.


  2. yarglags

    I knew you were facing a difficult journey. It sounds like the background has it’s own difficulties. Unfortunately in life, changes occur. Time will shows whether the change was fortunate or not. I wish the best for you and your Mem.


    1. aafke Post author

      Tnx. Was trying to get pics of a and b into one post, but even that didn’t work out :(
      p.s. Rang the mem today, she seems okay


  3. Tony

    Dear aafke,
    I have made a few attempts to convey my thoughts regarding your recent upheaval. I have given up….!! I suppose I’m not good with words……
    I just want to tell you that although we have yet to meet..!! I feel I know you. My thoughts are with you, and hopefully these will in some way help…

    Tony….. :)



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