not the only one around here

To blog or not to blog has been a question for some time. I’m one hundred percent sure that I’m not the only one around here who wants to give it a go.

But…… how does one start a blog?

How can one make it look appetising and attractive?

What will it take to make people want to come back to this space?

I’m going to find out, try a lot and make even more errors. Whatever it’s going to be, it is supposed to become a most likeable place.

8 thoughts on “not the only one around here

  1. Darren

    Oh that all sounds so familiar!

    I paid for a year’s worth of hosting before I figured out what I might even want a blog for, and several months more finding out how I might want it to look…

    I’m glad I did it though, I think it’s a question of finding a groove, a purpose maybe.

    You’ll have one reader/viewer anyway :)


  2. aafke Post author

    Thanks all. Hopefully you found yourself in the ‘tour’ which is more to my liking (and understanding :) than a rss feed, a long chain of short links or a blogroll.



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